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Advanced Facebook Marketing Software

Founded by husband and wife team Travis Thom and Toni Thom, Walled Garden was created to simplify advanced Facebook Marketing for the Real Estate Industry by providing Agents with easy-to-use software to advertise listings and create brand awareness in just minutes.

Walled Garden was conceptualized by Travis Thom who has over 20 years of Real Estate marketing experience and is globally recognized as one of the leading experts in Facebook Marketing for Real Estate. Strategically partnered with smart user design, automation, process and systems integrator, Toni Thom, together they have created a world class software solution for the Real Estate industry.

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Travis Thom

Founder and Facebook Marketer

Toni Thom


New Features!

Our Features

  • Auto Created Lead Ad Forms

  • Advanced Auto-targeting

  • Custom Audience Targeting

  • Cross Platform Ads Facebook & Instagram

  • Automated Campaign Optimization

  • Social Engagement Retargeting

  • Zapier Integration

  • Text and Email Lead Notifications

  • Real Time Lead Routing

  • CRM Integration

Create Lead Generation Facebook Ads In Seconds

No more getting lost in the ads manager or hiring expensive marketing agencies Launch ads for your business in seconds and generate leads with the click of a button.

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Heavy lifting for you

Walled Garden has taken the guesswork out of Facebook advertising for you and built a software that does all the heavy lifting for you.

We take care of you

We take care of the ad copy, ad images, lead generation and about 734 other critical steps that you shouldn't have to worry about.

Our software

We use best technology paired with the Facebook Marketing API to instantly build, launch and manage powerful ads built to generate leads.

Certified Strategists

All designed and built by one of the world's leading certified Facebook Marketing Strategists.

No expertise? No problem.

Walled Garden isn’t just about simplifying advertising; it elevates it! In just a few clicks, anyone can create a lead generation campaign or launch a retargeting campaign to your top customers. We transformed what once was a complicated process requiring high-level expertise. Now, launching a digital marketing campaign is as easy as ordering a pizza online. Lead generation, traffic to your website or make a splash with brand awareness video ads. It’s your choice, we just make it insanely easy.

It’s like owning your own robot that happens to be really smart at building Facebook ads and Instagram ads. Let us do the hard complicated work for you.

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New Feature!

Easily Launch Facebook & Instagram Video Ads

84% of video marketers are using Facebook and Instagram as one of their main marketing channels  . Walled Garden makes creating and launching a video ad for your business simple and smart. No more headaches of navigating through the Facebook ad manager to only have your ad rejected hours later.

Walled Garden’s video ad tool allows you to upload your video, select an audience, and launch. Boom shakalaka! Done and done.

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New Feature!

Easily Retarget Friends, Customers and Past Clients

Stay in front of your referral base and engage your sphere of influence with retargeting ads. Within seconds you can launch retargeting video ads to the audiences that know you, love you, and trust you. 

Walled Garden makes it easy and fun to become a celebrity in your own market or to remind past clients, customers, friends, and family about your business. Stay visible to those that matter with Walled Garden.

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Who Are Our Services For

Real Estate Agents

The power of a digital marketing agency at your fingertips, Walled Garden allows Agents to reclaim valuable time by making Facebook Marketing simple and easy. With just a few clicks, launch an ad for your listing or a video ad and never spend any time worry about challenging targeting or ad creation again.

Small Business

Grow sales with best in class technology and simplify all digital marketing efforts. Streamline social media marketing company-wide, saving time and money. Have an in-house marketing team? Increase productivity by reducing time spent creating Facebook ads. Just doing it solo? As an army of one, you can move faster with our streamlined ad creation process and focus on what you do best.

Marketing Agencies

Being a rainmaker for your clients is mission critical and should never feel like mission impossible. Now you can scale your lead generation efforts without having to hire and train media buyers how to run professional Facebook and Instagram ads. Walled Garden's Facebook ad automation is your secret weapon to bring in leads to feed the team and grow.

Freelance Marketers

The days of time consuming ad creation, managing campaigns through countless ad manager accounts, and having to optimize campaigns are over. As a marketer you can launch ads for your clients easily and let our intelligent software to the heavy lifting for you. Making you look like the hero you really are.

Facebook and Instagram Lead Generation Machine

Turn your business into a Lead Generation Machine. Create your own lead generation ads in seconds that capture your prospects’ information fast.

Marketing has changed

Half of the world’s population is on social media now. The average home buyer spends over an hour a day online. Stay in front of them with Walled Garden.

Tap into a hot market

Get a foot in the door with Facebook’s 2.2 billion users and dominate your local market.


Love Walled Garden! Setup my profile and launched my first ad in about 2 minutes. It’s that easy. 20 new folks added to my SOI and counting! 

Barbara Madaras

Realtor at Realty One

I am proud to report that we have successfully lost count of the number of leads we’ve received as a direct result of promoting them through Walled Garden. Combining Walled Garden with their automated follow up, we’ve gotten several appointments, successfully sent several strong leads to our lender partner, and the best part is we just put a property under contract!!! The list price is $469,900, so it’s safe to say we will enjoy a nice ROI! Thank you for sharing your awesome tool with the Q Realty team! We love it!

John Kynor

President and Broker of Q Realty

In the last 3 months, Walled Garden has opened up the possibility of me making a new $160,000 in gross commissions over the next 6 months. I have already closed one home with $20,000 in commission’s earned and more homes under contract now. 

Chris Dudley

Team Leader of The Dudley Group

I just wanted to say how much I love Walled Garden! In 10 days, we generated 129 leads, I connected with 25 of them and we have set 3 buyer appointments and have one home under contract now because of it! All for less than $154! That is a huge return on our investment! Thank you for building this great product for our industry!

Silesha Montano

Keller Williams Realty