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A top producing Real Estate team published Walled Garden Facebook Ads to automate their listing marketing and generated a 3,940% ROI.

In less than 60 days:


Leads Generated


Cents Cost Per Lead


Active Clients


Homes Under Contract


Home Closed

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Leading Real Estate Team

The Dudley Group at The Daniel Montez Real Estate Group is known for innovative marketing and providing a high level of personalized service to clients. Chris Dudley is the Team Leader and a 13 year veteran to the Real Estate market throughout the Phoenix Metro area.

Their goal - Attracting more home buyers

The Dudley Real Estate Group wanted to find a more automated way to promote its home listings, increase brand awareness, and generate more leads for its agents.

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Home Run

The Dudley Real Estate Team leveraged Walled Garden to instantly create high performing Facebook Lead Ads for their active listings. Walled Garden is a Facebook marketing software platform for the Real Estate vertical that allows agents to instantly create ads with just three clicks.

  • 570 Leads Generated

  • 87 Cents Per Lead

  • 18 Active Clients

  • 2 Home Under Contract

  • 1 Home Sold

  • $ 20,000 in Commissions Made

  • $ 495

    In Ad Spend

  • $20,000

    In Commissions Made

  • 3,940%


Team Leader

“I have built an incredibly strong pipeline that will double my business over the next 12 months.
For years I have been searching for an effective and easy to manage source of leads that would allow meto not only grow my own production but also allow me the critical leads resource needed to support a team. In the last few months Walled Garden has produced 570 new and unique leads. I have talked to at least 81 of those leads in person or by text. Out of those I have 18 active clients that are looking to buy or sell in the next 6 months and are committed to working with me. I also have another 19 individuals that I am nurturing and staying in touch with as they would like to buy or sell within in the next 12 months. Bottom line, in the last 3 months, Walled Garden has opened up the possibility of me making a new $160,000 in gross commissions over the next 6 months.”

Chris Dudley

Team Leader of The Dudley Group/p>