Easy high-volume lead gen for low cost

Open House Hack

1. Select a property to hold an open house or a listing with an already scheduled open house. Click on View Facebook Ad.

2. Click on “Edit Ad” to modify the headline and body of the ad.

  • Select an Open House headline.
  • Enter the Open House details in the body of the ad to give prospective buyers the exact info they need to come see the house. 


3. For budget, keep your duration at the minimum 10 days but INCREASE your daily budget to $30 per day (or more). Don’t worry, you’re not going to run this ad for 10 days and spend the full amount. I explain why this strategy will blow up your Open House below.

4. ⭐ HACK ⭐ publish your ad 2 or 3 days before the Open House but then CANCEL your ad the minute your Open House closes. Yes, cancel your ad. When you cancel your ad ALL UNSPENT AD SPEND IS FULLY REFUNDED. That means 7-8 days of remaining ad spend will be automatically refunded to your bank account. So instead of actually spending $384 you may only spend $100 but get all of the same benefits.

⭐ Why This Works ⭐

When you bid higher in the ad auction (increasing your ad spend) it tells Facebook to serve your ad to more relevant people in the audience and to serve it out faster. By doing this, Facebook also learns quickly who the ad should be shown to and wins the ad auction. “Winning the ad auction” means your ad will be shown first to the audience that other advertisers are trying to show ads to as well. Your ad will also be shown to higher quality prospects within the audience.

⭐ Don’t forget:  we collect all lead information directly from Facebook but it’s still a good idea (and in some cases required because of COVID-19) to collect contact information at the door of your Open House.

So, have an Open House you want to crush this weekend?

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