With Walled Garden Pro, single property websites are automatically created for every listing with beautiful image placement, highlighted property information, and customizable Agent contact information. Post to all of your social media, send a link to your sphere of influence, or launch ads in seconds with our automated ad campaigns. It’s your choice, we just make it insanely easy.

It’s like owning your own robot that happens to be really smart at building Facebook ads and beautiful property websites that impress Sellers and Buyers alike.

What is a Single Property Website?

Let’s clarify exactly what we mean when we use the term “single property website.” It’s a website with its own individual URL that is used to promote a single house for sale and assist in the marketing and sales process.

The Benefits of Single Property Websites

What advantage does having a single property website provide to the sale of a home? Excellent question! Realtors will be notified as soon as an interested buyer visits the site or shows interest in the listing.

Here are a few benefits of single property websites:

  1. Having them elevates you above the competition and positions you as a professional.
  2. They are easy to share and promote.
  3. Single property websites provide a cost-effective way to market a home and generate interest.
  4. They allow agents to collect important data that can help close the deal and sell more homes.

Get Started!

Real estate is a competitive business, and it can be tricky to stand out among the competition. The good news for Real Estate Agents is that there are plenty of ways to promote their listings, drive traffic into their sphere of influence by leveraging social media channels like Facebook; but what if you want something more? Creating an eye-catching website specifically designed with a specific listing in mind will make you stand out from all other agents who don’t offer this extra service for their clients.

With Walled Garden Pro’s Single Property Websites, Realtors can create beautiful websites customized with images and contact information specific for each home they list on the site–a must-have for any savvy agent looking to impress potential buyers or sell more homes!

This incredible feature along with many other brand new features are coming to Walled Garden on September 24th! With our new Pro subscription, you can launch video ads, re-target previous clients, access auto-created seller reports, and MORE. Click here to sign up for notifications, you WON’T want to miss it!

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