Walled Garden Pro is Here!

Whether you’re a beginner who is overwhelmed by all of the effort and knowledge that goes into Facebook advertising or a veteran who wants to generate leads without the planning, editing, and headache… Walled Garden Pro is the solution.

If you’re ready to have access to:

✅ Facebook Video Ads

✅ Auto-Created Seller Reports

✅ Auto-Created Single Property Websites

✅ The Ability to Easily Re-Target Friends, Family, and Past Clients

Then it is time to go PRO! Let’s dig into all of the incredible features that Walled Garden Pro has to offer. The value that this program will bring to your marketing efforts is truly unmatched.

Auto-Created Seller Reports

You know that you’re running successful marketing campaigns for your clients with Walled Garden but how do you communicate this to your clients? Especially those who may not know the ins and outs of Facebook ads.

Odds are, your sellers are going to want updates on how your marketing efforts are going and what you’re doing to sell their home quickly. They want to see the Facebook Ads, they want to know what kind of traffic is coming in from these efforts, and they want to be able to follow along with the latest developments that are happening with their property!

With Walled Garden’s new Pro feature: Auto-Created Seller Reports, these sellers will not only get important information automatically sent directly to them every week – but these updates are one task you can take off of your plate. Sounds like a win-win!

Easily Create Facebook Video Ads

The real estate industry is one of the most competitive industries out there. That’s why real estate agents are always looking for new marketing strategies to stand apart from their competition. With Real Estate Facebook Video Ads, you can target your audience and show potential clients exactly what they want to see! This means that you will have higher conversion rates and make more money as an agent.

However, a lot goes into designing and launching Facebook video ads and we know how busy the life of a real estate agent is. With Walled Garden’s new Pro Subscription, you can easily create Facebook Video Ads with a few clicks of the mouse. No more spending hours creating and launching a video campaign only to have it rejected by Facebook.

Walled Garden makes creating and launching a video ad for your business simple and smart. No more headaches of navigating through the Facebook ad manager to only have your ad rejected hours later. Walled Garden’s video ad tool allows you to upload your video, select an audience, and launch. Boom shakalaka! Done and done.

Easily Retarget Friends, Family, and Past Clients

Retargeting is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to stay in front of your referral base and engage your sphere of influence with video ads on Facebook. Within seconds, you can launch retargeting video ads to the audiences that know you, love you, and trust you using Walled Garden’s new Retargeting feature. This makes it easy and fun to become a celebrity in your own market or remind past clients, friends, and family that you are still in the business of selling homes.

Auto-Created Single Property Websites

With Walled Garden Pro, single property websites are automatically created for every listing with beautiful image placement, highlighted property information, and customizable Agent contact information. Post to all of your social media, send a link to your sphere of influence, or launch ads in seconds with our automated ad campaigns. It’s your choice, we just make it insanely easy.

It’s like owning your own robot that happens to be really smart at building Facebook ads and beautiful property websites that impress Sellers and Buyers alike.

With Walled Garden Pro’s Single Property Websites, Realtors can create beautiful websites customized with images and contact information specific for each home they list on the site–a must-have for any savvy agent looking to impress potential buyers or sell more homes!

What Are You Waiting For?

“What’s stopping you from taking full advantage of the power of Facebook ads? Do you feel overwhelmed when someone asks you about your Facebook ad strategy? Does the idea of diving headfirst into ad creation and Facebook’s complex ads manager make you sweat?

Let us help take the stress out of Facebook ads. Click HERE to sign up for Walled Garden Pro. It takes less than a minute to sign up! We will do all of the heavy lifting for you.

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